Being Motivated with a little life structure
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Why We Need Structure In Our Life

Being Motivated with a little life structure


Having structure in your life will not only help you with your mindset but you will feel accomplished and more settled in life.

Whether you work from home, a 9-5 job, study full time or are a parent (stay at home) it really does not matter. To help you work through life and get thing done you need to have structure in your life for everything to work.

Structure means having a routine in your life that helps you to make time for the things that matter and that you need to get done. Structure helps you to stay focused to be able to achieve what you need to achieve.

Plant structure  - Why We Need Structure In Our Life

The lack of structure can make you feel unmotivated and distracted and will lead to doing things last minute or not at all. We have talked about before being flexible and going with the flow and this is important as life happens some times and we can’t always stick to the structure or plan.

But by having structure you’ll be creating a sense of stability and balance even in those moments of chaos or emergencies.

With everything that is happening at the moment and with our lives not as normal as they are normally, we can have the feeling more often of being overwhelmed, feel like the workload is hectic and that you’ll forever playing catch-up and winging life.

Having structure in your day is an important aspect to this, especially if your struggling to get through the day, whether’s that’s at home or at work or both. We all struggle at some point in our lives. Don’t stress or get worried about this, this will only make you feel more stuck and have that feeling of hopelessness.

Start of with a simple structure, look at only allocating 1-2 tasks to complete for that day. As you start to feel better about life and more focused then you can add in more tasks to you structure to complete each day. But don’t over commit this will only set you back into feeling overwhelmed and get nothing done.

Plant Structure - Why We Need Structure In Our Life

Another great tip to help you stay focused is to break down your tasks into time slots.

Like: 30 minutes, keep it short to stay focused on the task (to start with) and to ensure that your structure works for you. Make sure that you take breaks and go outside, fresh air is always good of the sole and mind.

Also try to not do the same tasks each day, change it day by day to help you get all those tasks done. Structure the next day before going to bed the night before. This will help to clam the mind on what needs to be done and you will feel better in the morning knowing what your structure is for that day.

Doing this every day will not only keep you motivated and your structure will start to become habit and just something you do without thinking about it.  You will start to feel accomplished and happier in life. You stop thinking about those 100 things to do because you only have to complete only 2.

So, when your feeling overwhelmed/stressed…. STOP, structure your days and you’ll not only have a better mind-set but you’ll sleep will improve, you’ll feel better and more importantly happier.

We all struggle with life, and that is especially true at the moment….



And look at simplify it, all those 100 tasks will get done but just not in one day.

Goose Yoga - Why We Need Structure In Our Life


If you are really struggling in these times then you may want to also have a look at some of other posts like how to Stay focused and set goals or Fundamentals – setting the reset button. These post look at simplifying life, setting and achieving your goals.

Remember that we are here for you and if you need to talk leave a comment below it’s hard at the moment for everyone and we all need to know that there is someone out there that cares and will listen.

Don’t forget to sign up for the free training on how to gain back hours in your day with only 15 minutes a day.





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