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Learn How Paint can Repurpose any peice of furniture

I absolutely love the Power of Paint.  It has the ability to completely transform something without the big price tag.  You then also get something totally unique, and tailored to your exact taste.

I love painting.  I’ve nearly finished painting my second house, and have painted everything from walls, skirtings and doors to washing lines, picture frames and furniture.

These are some picture frames I upcycled.  I had a mishmash of black, plastic and wooden frames.  I gave them all a light sand, then sprayed them with gloss spray paint.  The paint was enamel based and was under $8 a can.  I used one can each of white and light blue, gently overlapping the two colours on the large frame in the middle.  You can’t buy that in the shops!


Before Pictures - the Power of paint



Paint can change any blank wall


It made a huge difference to the feel of the room.  The dark colours made the room feel old and tired, I love how the white and blue makes the room feel light an airy.  It then inspired me to paint the bookshelf below, which you can see here.

In this room, I also had a wooden sideboard that we used to store DVD, games etc and house the tv.  I love the design of this piece of furniture, but as you can see the colour is really dark.  And the gold handles make it look really old (sorry about the terrible quality of the photo).  It also doesn’t help that it sits against a brick wall.  It makes the whole area look dark and enclosed.



Dark uninspiring Room Before Pictures Before


Before Photo - dresser



As I still wanted to keep this piece, I gave it a spruce up too.  I took inspiration from a pretty blue in an ornament I was given at Christmas, and matched the colour.  I bought a primer for this piece and 3 cans of spray paint.


Preparation Work is Key to any Paint job



I removed the handles and filled in one hole on each side of the long draw with a wood putty.  This left one hole at each end for a new handle.  I let it dry before giving everything a really good sand with a detail sander.  I half-heartedly went around the carved details using some sandpaper.

If you decide to use spray paint, make sure you protect your surfaces and anything around the furniture as the spray goes everywhere!  Oh, this includes up your nose so wear a dust mask.

As I was lazy with some of the sanding, I gave it a spray with a primer.  This also ensured none of the dark stain seeped through the paint.  Next up was the colour.  This was lots of fun to see such a dramatic difference.  I did light coats and let it dry for an hour between each coat.  I used about 3 cans for this project.  If you go too heavy with the spray paint it can drip and leave horrible lines in the paint, so lots of light coats is best.

As you can see from the images below, it has lightened up the corner of the room considerably.  Having a dark piece of furniture in front of a dark wall with a dark television made the space seem small and enclosed.  Having the brighter colours makes the piece of furniture stand out and the whole space seems larger.



Room after the Paint JobAfter 


New and Refreshed Furniture with Paint



I then brought the piece inside, fitted some beautiful new ceramic handles (bought from a florist, where else?!) and added my inspirational ornament front and centre.

I absolutely love this makeover, and two years later I still love the colour.


Power of Paint - After photo 


The Power of paint certainly has a way to transform any space or piece of furniture, but we have some great tips to also to also upcycle other peices of furniture or make your own form scrap materials, so check out these for great ideas on how to change your space inexpensively.




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