The most simplest table decoration to make yourself
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Simple Table Center Pieces

The most simplest table decoration to make yourself


When it comes to hosting family and friends at those special moments like birthday, Christmas and Easter, we’re all looking for that perfect table center piece that is simple but also to really set off and make the event special and something everyone will remember.

But coming up with ideas to have that little something special that’s different can seen too complicated to do all the time.

We all see those beautiful pictures on social media and it all seems well out of reach for us. But honestly, they are not that complicated to pull together and to be honest you do want to have an original piece not something everyone else is doing.

So, take inspiration from those pictures and make it your own. It is really simple to do. Just need to unpack the idea of what they have done and then recreate with a little twist.

I have said this many times that I just struggle to following instructions especially recipes and are always tweaking to make it different and that goes for just about every thing I do in my life. Who wants to be the same anyway?

Okay So, I have shared with you guys my center piece ideas over the years from birthday’s to Christmas and what I have done for the past few years for Easter. But this year I want to change it up for the Family Easter lunch.

I had look around social media for some inspiration and thought that I would change up the wood box center piece idea with something a little fresh.

Still along the same lines as I have done in the past but slightly different, and remember that we are making it simple and easy, nothing complicated here.

Grab some glass jars, I have these in abundance, simply pasta jars cleaned out. I lined the wood box with 4 jars and placed fresh bright flowers inside. To fill the gaps around the jars I had some left over hessian ribbon in my craft draw and just wind it around the jars to fill the space.

Table center piece ideas with crates



Simple Table Decoration with jars and flowers

And you done, super simple but looks amazing.

For the main food table, as I always put the food on one table for people to help themselves rather than individually plated food. Who has the time for that when your trying to feed 20 odd people.

I chose to keep my glass round bowl but this time I placed one of those jars inside and filled around it with candy and M & M’s. then placed Fresh flowers in the jar.


Glass Bowl Center table decoration

Looks amazing and I am so happy with the look too. I then added the little extra pieces of the Easter bunny and carrots to finish of the look.

Glass Bowl Simple Center Piece Ideas


So, next time your hosting a event keep the decorations simple and non-complicated and you will have these amazing pieces that everyone will love and you want be frustrated and feeling stressed trying to do something that is way to complicated. The other good thing about this ideas is that they can be pulled together in a few minutes not hours. Who has the time for that.

If you have some simple ideas to decorating your place for those special occasions we would love to hear from you, leave a comment below and share with us your tips.

If your looking for more help to hosting an event or any size then we have a great instructions and cheat-sheet for you that outlines exactly how to host any size event, while keeping it on budget and learning how to get everything done and ready on time. If you want this then download it here.

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