How to Prune Seaside Daises

How to Prune Seaside Daisies

How to Prune Seaside Daises

Seaside Daisies are great addition to any garden, they need little attention, but they do need to be prune every now again to keep them look great all year round. Here’s a quick how to prune seaside daisies so you have yours looking great all year around.


How To Prune Seaside diasies


I love my little seaside daisies (Erigeron karvinskianus).  The pretty little pink and white flowers are so sweet, and they’re super hardy which is a bonus.  The poor things have to withstand soccer balls, kids feet and a crazy dog running through them.


Before Pruning - Seaside daisies


These seaside daisies have been in for about 2 years and started out as seedlings (the 6-cell seedlings you get from Bunnings).  They looked so pathetic when I put them in as the bed is about 12m long and they were only about the 4cm wide.  As you can see by the photos, they have spread a lot in that time.  They’re in a long garden bed which gets full sun in summer, and is in shade through winter.


 Garden Bed Before Pruning


I don’t have a natural green thumb, but I am learning about gardening.  I’ve always hesitated with pruning as I’m never exactly sure when or how to prune, or which plants should be pruned.  At the end of summer, I noticed that some of my seaside daisies had finished flowering and weren’t looking brilliant.  Not all of them, but about half the bed.  They were also getting huge!  They had started spilling over the sides and were fast approaching the lawn.  I had hoped they would spill over the sides as it’s a long bed and it softens the hard edges, but another season of growing would see them getting tangled in the lawnmower.  I also didn’t want them to get straggly.  So I decided to break out the scissors.  I started at the front of the plant and removed everything that had spread over the sleeper, and then went around the plant to create a kind of oval shape.  The top got a trim too.  Each plant was cut back to about 30cm wide.


Before Pruning

After Pruning


It immediately looked much better (except for the 4.7 trillion gum leaves we were showered with this year).


Seaside diasies garden bed after pruning


And below are the daisies 3 months later at the end of June.  As you can see, they’ve bounced back to almost the original size, but they look full and healthy and have started flowering again.


Seaside diasies - how to prune


If your looking for tips on how to prune your garden, then check out our other posts like How to Prune Fruit Trees. Its easier than you think and your plants will love you for a bit of a hair cut.




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