Quick Guide to How to Prune Roses

Pruning Roses

As the weather becomes colder, most of our plants go to sleep just like us in the colder months.

This is the perfect time to get pruning all your plants from fruit tree’s, bushes and roses.

I start my pruning like I’ve mentioned before in pruning fruit trees (here) in May. On the farm frost sets in early and you want to prune before heavy frost sets in for your area.

I started paying attention to when the farmers and vineyards in my area started pruning their trees and grape vines, this gave me the key as to when I need to prune. So look around your local are and take note of when your neighbours (especially those that look like they know) and take note of when they prune so you can too.

I know pruning can seem like a daunting task, but remember roses are very forgiving and love a really good prune. Even if you think you have pruned to hard, trust me your roses will love you for it.

I remember riding into work one morning and see the local Council horticulture team pruning roses on the verge. I nearly fell of my bike laughing as I watched them use a hedge trimmer and hack the plants down to about a ¼ left in the ground. No fuss or hours pruning by hand and this gave me the extra confidence that roses are just hardy plants that really don’t need a lot of fuss. I can tell you that these roses are spectacular when in bloom and the growth after this type of pruning is amazing.

Roses love a good prune and it helps to promote new growth and a bumper crop of flowers in spring through summer. Pruning could not be any easier, just prune back around ¾ of the plant. I know, I know this may seem extreme but trust me just like the Council workers did the roses love this.

Start pruning and don’t forget to open up the middle of the plant to allow light in to all parts of the plants

Then prune down until you have about a ¼ of your plant remaining.

Its as easy as this. Now don’t forget to fertilise with a slow release during this time as well to help with new growth in spring and a drink of seasol.

Check our video below that shows you all you need to know………

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