Pruning Grapevines

Having a grapevine is a wonderful addition to any garden.  They love full sun and require little looking after, but they do need to be pruned properly to keep them under control and fruiting.

The best time to prune your grapevine is around mid-winter when the plant is dormant.  Pruning a grapevine can seem incredibly overwhelming the first time.  What if you prune too much….too little….what if I prune the wrong part and kill it???  I asked myself all these questions before I tackled my first grapevine.

But instead of worrying that I was going to do it wrong, I just got stuck in there and starting cutting.  Did I do it right the first time?  No.  More research was done before having a second go next season.  Still no luck.  My grapevine was producing a pitiful amount of grapes.  No matter how much research I did, I just couldn’t get it right.

One day I was chatting to Em and her husband about my grapeless-grapevine when Em’s husband gave me the best tip ever.  When pruning a grapevine, only cut one bud up from the stem coming off the main branch.  You see he worked on a vineyard for a short time and had plenty of practice with pruning.

Grapes are produced on new stems so you have to prune the old wood back pretty hard.  Go around the entire vine and cut each stem back to the first or second bud.  This is where the new stems will be produced.  After you’ve finished, this is what you’ll end up with.

This is such a simple method and the best one I’ve found so far to get amazing growth for your backyard grapevine with an abundance of fruit.  Let us know if you try it and how you went.

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