Easy Guide to Pruning Fruit Trees

Pruning Fruit Trees

Easy Guide to Pruning Fruit Trees

Pruning trees, especially fruit trees, can seem a really daunting task.

I was like this in the beginning and trust me, I am no green thumb.  But in the video below I will show how I prune my fruit trees and have had great results.  Most people don’t have lots of space to grow full sized fruit trees, so it’s best to keep them pruned to a manageable size.  Sometimes you just need to do it, plants will let you know if you have pruned too much or not enough, so give it a go.

It’s best to let your tree establish itself for a few years before you give it its first prune.  The best way to get started is to start by doing a light prune to get your confidence up.  As I show in the video, cut just above a bud (where new growth is starting) and work your way around the tree.








There are only two other things to keep in mind when pruning, especially fruit trees or roses:

  1. Make sure your secateurs are clean and sharp. Give the blades a wipe down with soapy water in between pruning different plants to ensure you don’t pass on any diseases or pests.
  2. The time of year to prune. For me down in the south east of the State, it gets very cold and frosty early in the year so I like to prune in May.  Normally in most temperate areas you can prune May to June.


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Essentially that’s all there is to it.  Hope this gives you a little confidence in giving it ago.  Happy pruning.

For more tips on pruning we also have handy how too’s for how to prune a grape vine or roses. We also have you tube video’s on these so check out our you tube channel as well.







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