How to on How to sort and Organise your Christmas Decorations
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Organising Christmas Decorations

How to on How to sort and Organise your Christmas Decorations

As the new year begins, it’s great to be able to pack away those Christmas decorations and bring the house back to normal.  I love Christmas don’t get me wrong, and I look forward to it every year.  But I also enjoy simplicity, and so love putting away the festive clutter and getting back to normal in January.

If you started Christmas by pulling out a Christmas light tangle worthy of National Lampoon’s, or upended all your Christmas boxes trying to find the angel, then maybe this year you need a little organising.  And this starts right now.

Here is my never-fail, super-simple method to making decorating at Christmas painless……

When it’s time to pack away my decorations for another year, I firstly take the time to assess my decorations, as let’s face it, not all decorations last the test of time.  Bin or recycle those that have exceeded their lifespan.  Don’t put this task off.  It’s incredibly easy to accumulate lots of unnecessary clutter, so give your decorations a sort through and keep only the pieces that you love or holds sentimental value.  As an added bonus, you will then have extra space to purchase/make/receive new decorations next Christmas.

As you take down each item, place them on the floor in groups.  For our home, I like to group our decorations into 3 different categories.  They’re grouped in:

  • Outdoor decorations
  • Wall and Entertainment unit
  • Tree ornaments

Decorations Group and Sorted for packing

Tip:  Collect different sized, smaller boxes, in which to store smaller items, depending on the type of decorations you have.

Storage Containers - storing decorations

Sort through your decorations, storing smaller items in boxes to keep them safe.  Don’t forget to omit any that are not going to make another year.

One you have your groups of decorations, start packing them away in larger storage containers.

I find by organising my decorations this way means that I can just bring out the box that I need and not have the frustration of searching through multiple boxes just for the tree ornaments.  This makes it easier when it comes time for putting them up, and also works great if you spread out decorating over more than a weekend.  You’re not tripping over a multitude of boxes for weeks on end.

Decorations sorted and Stored for Next Year

Tip: Don’t forget to label your storage containers to make things even easier.

And that’s it.  You’re done!  Decorations sorted and organised for next year.  Perfect.

For more handy tips on how to get and stay organised during the busy season Christmas read our post on How to get organised to prepare for the silly season here.

You can use this method for any area of your home that you want to get organised. Comment below on how you manage and organise your decorations or different areas of your home, we’d love to share your tips with others.


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