Using plants and flowers in your garden to decorate your tables

Natural Wreath and table centre pieces

Using plants and flowers in your garden to decorate your tables


I don’t know about you but I love natural centre pieces to any table celebration, especially when I can use greenery and flowers from my own garden.

Its not only so simple but so beautiful as well, giving any table and celebration that special touch.

I took my mum to a wreath workshop on a deer farm the other year and it was such a beautiful setting and great workshop. The biggest thing that I learnt was to let myself go, there’s really no wrong or right way to put a natural wreath or centre piece together.

You need to leave the perfectionism at the door which is so refreshing and relaxing to do.

If your interested in the workshop check it out here..

Natural Wreath

So, with that experience and motivation I made my Christmas table from native plants and trees I have on my farm. It was so much fun to create and so simple to do. To help bulk it up I did use a few fake leave runners which helped me to have structure and something to tie the plants into.

I was certainly a little nervous not thinking I had it in me to create something so beautiful, that perfectionism kicking in for sure. But I enjoyed the process and have more ideas for years to come with new decorations.

Natural Table Setting

The other benefit of using plants and flowers you have around your home or neighbourhood is that they are compostable, can go back into the garden or dried to last even longer. Most native arrangements if kept watered will last a couple of weeks.

To make a wreath using the same greenery and flowers is easy to assemble as well. You can purchase the wreath surround from your local hobby store pretty cheaply.

With the one from the workshop, we use florist foam but you can use chicken wire as well. You will need to pack in the chicken wire into the surrounds to get a tight form to hold the foliage in place. Also use florist wire and tape to keep it secure will help as well.

Now all you need to do is build out the wreath. One little tip is to use the same plant all the way round the wreath leaving no gaps. Then build into the middle, going around and around.

Tip two with any arrangement is to use one focal flower or plant that you want to show case and make it central to your arrangement.

To keep you wreath looking great for weeks keep lightly spraying it with water every day if you use chicken wire. If you use the florist foam then every couple of days depending on the weather and how hot it is.  But cos we’re using native or really hardy plants they will last a few weeks with little to no care and the best thing is that it looks great as it dries out as well, keeping that piece going longer than expected.


Natural Table Decoration


Share with us in the comments below your beautiful table centre pieces or wreath, don’t forget to drop a photo and link us in on out social’s/



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