Make Dinner time Simple and quick with these tips

Meal Planning Hacks

Make Dinner time Simple and quick with these tips


Who doesn’t want a few simple meal planning hacks that will just make dinner time easy and simple and  less stressful with trying to work out what to have and how long its going to take.

Honestly unless I am cooking a roast then I really don’t want to be in the kitchen to long, working long hours and trying to run a business and the farm, I just don’t have the time during the week to spend hours in the kitchen.

I also love this hack as it means that I am not the only person in our home that can put a great meal together. I am that type of person that can put anything together and make a great meal. No recipe needed but not everyone is like this.

To make things really easy and simple for us I actually put together little dinner card hacks and attached them to small jars filled with the dry spice mix to make the sauce for the meals that we tend to make the most.


Dinner Hacks that are simple and quick to make


All that I did was and it is super simple meal recipes here that really will not take you any longer than half an hour in the kitchen.

The spice mixes are the base to just about all the meals that we manly eat throughout the week. I leave the more complex and difficult meal ideas to the weekend were I have more time to spend in the kitchen coming up with some awesome meals.

These recipes that I have are for both stove top or in the slow cooker, as we have discussed previously in how to use your slow cooker, just reduce the amount of liquid and your good to go.

Cooking Stroganoff on the stove top

The bases to all recipes is to brown the meat and the good thing about most of these is that they can be used with any type of meat from red meat to chicken and fish. Told you they were easy.

Add in things like mushrooms or any other vegetable that you like. Add in the spice mix and some water and you are done. Honestly these could not be any simpler if I tried, Happy days and the kids will love them too.


If you have any simple ways that you use to make dinner time simpler then we would love to hear from you, comment below.



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