How to Compost the Easy and Simple Method

The Lazy (and Clever) Gardeners Way to Composting

How to Compost the Easy and Simple Method

Everybody knows how great compost is for the garden. I live on a farm and over the years I have tried many different ways of composting, but have found them all time consuming. I don’t have the patience to layer the materials, keep it moist, turned, warm etc. So, if you don’t have the time or the space to compost the traditional way, I’ve got an easy way do it. This is the lazy and clever gardeners’ way to composting.

Save time and money and still have a great looking and productive garden with no effect at all. Know that is something that we love to hear.


I now compost directly into my garden beds. By this I mean I dig over my soil and add my crushed egg shells, coffee grounds, manure and vegetable scraps (although this is limited due to the chickens getting most of the scraps) straight into the bed, then plant as I would normally.

It doesn’t really matter how deep the matter is placed as it will break down over time, but I try to ensure it’s under the soil to avoid any smells or animals from foraging. But even this can be made a little simpler and it is said that you don’t need to dig over your garden either.

Allowing the compost matter to layer naturally and letting the worms and bugs do their job to break done the material. Even simpler, no we are talking.

I have found this to have great results with plant/vegetable production and have loads of worms within the beds. Another reason I do it this way is that it takes no time at all.



Before I started composting this way, I used a composting barrel.  But even this is time consuming and very limited in the amount you can compost.  I just found it inconvenient and not big enough to be able to produce the amount of compost needed for my beds and fruit trees.



So next time you are thinking that it is too hard to compost and how can you improve your soil naturally, take a page out of my book and give composting directly into your beds a try. The material composts down quite quickly and the worms love it. Gardening does not have to be complicated and time consuming. It should be an enjoyable process where you can relax and spend more time enjoying your garden rather than seeing it as a chore that you hate to do or avoid.

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Happy Gardening!

We love to hear from you on your tips and how you are going in your garden, leave a comment we love to chat and see how we can help you save time and money in your garden.




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