The Best, simplest and versatile Classic lasagne recipe
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Lasagne Recipe

The Best, simplest and versatile Classic lasagne recipe

I don’t know to many people who don’t like a good pasta dish like lasagne. One of the great things about a lasagne is the versatility of the dish. Honestly you can change and add any ingredient to what you have in your pantry and fridge or taste.

Don’t like pasta sheets, then choose something else like sliced potatoes or bread wraps.

Can’t have dairy not an issue, substitute the cheese sauce for boiled eggs, they still add that creamy texture to the dish. Or maybe you don’t have the confidence to make a cheese sauce then use mozzarella cheese balls sliced or try goat’s cheese for a tangy taste.

What about the meat section of the dish? This again is so versatile, use any meat you have available or like from chicken, turkey, beef or even try tuna.

Don’t eat meat not an issue use layered vegetables instead.

This is the beauty of a lasagne ( I have the what I call traditional lasagne recipe below) you can change the recipe to what you and your family taste are. The recipe below outlines the base of the recipe change the ingredients as you choose.

Great Meal that can be Frozen and reheated

There’s no right or wrong way to make a lasagne, its simply layered ingredients topped with cheese or again change the cheese for bread crumbs to form the crust or how about crumble over crushed chips.

The great thing about a lasagne is it can be made ahead of time (and honestly is always better the next day) and makes a great easy go to meal when your busy through the week. I always make a large dish to ensure that I have left overs for a quick go to meal when were busy or to tired to cook. It also freezers well and will last around 3 months in the freezer if stored correctly – for freezing tips check out the post here.

Simple recipe to a lasagne


Best Pasta Dish
Prep Time30 mins
Cook Time27 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Australian
Keyword: Lasagne, Meat, pasta
Servings: 6
Author: Homebasics101


  • 500 g Meat (Beef Mince) Of your Chose
  • 1 Onion Chopped
  • 1 Clove of Garlic Crushed
  • 1 Tin Tomatoes Crushed or your own Passata is great too
  • 100 g Butter Melted
  • 2-3 Tbsp Corn Flour or plain flour
  • 1 L Milk
  • 250 g Grated Cheese
  • 500 g Pasta Sheets Either dried or Fresh


  • Start by Frying the Onion
  • Add in the meat and brown
  • Add in the garlic, slightly fry
  • Add in the Tin tomatoes or passata
  • Take of the heat and let stand while you make the cheese sauce
  • In a large pot melt the butter (do not boil) Add the flour off the heat and make into a paste similar to tooth paste. Add more flour if needed
  • Pour in a little of the milk (still off the heat) and combine the butter mix with the milk
  • Place the pot back on the heat on low, and slowly add in the the rest of the milk while stirring
  • Ensure that it is all incorporated and smooth. Now do not panic if there are a few lumps easy fix is to use a whisk and smooth out the sauce.
  • Turn the heat up and while continuing to stir until the mixture thickens.
  • Once the sauce as thicken, add in the cheese. Turn the heat off and let the cheese melt into the sauce.
  • Assemble the Lasagne
  • Place a small amount of the meat sauce in the bottom of the dish, place on pasta then the meat sauce, then the cheese sauce and continue to layer until you reach the top of the dish.
  • Final layer of cheese sauce, top with cheese and place in oven at 180 degress for around 30 minutes. or until golden on top.


Remember change any of the ingredients as you like.
and allow the lasagne to stand before serving to allow everything to set.




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