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Kitchen Organisation

How to Organise your Kitchen


There nothing more satisfying that having any space organised.  Like our other post Declutter challenge, the kitchen is another area that needs to be re-organised regularly, specially the fridge and freezer.


Kitchen Organisation - before photo



Kitchen organisation - Fridge empty and cleaned


We like to take this opportunity leading into the holiday period and Christmas to organise our kitchen spaces.  It’s amazing how a simple process can make a difference to how you use the space, and now is the best time to do it.  Before the mad November-December onslaught of Christmas parties, present shopping and descending relatives!

The best way to start is to take one space at a time.  Start with the fridge then move onto the freezer or cupboard space.  Just follow 3 easy steps:

  • Remove everything from the space
  • Clean the space
  • Re-organise the items back into the space. Don’t forget to check the expire dates and throw-out anything you don’t use. This also applies to your plastics cupboard.

‘As Easy as That’


Kitchen organised - before the deep clean

Kitchen Organisation - Empty the pantry to see what you have



 Pantry After Photo


This is also a great time to defrost the freezer and use up some of the foods, you’ll need the extra space for freezing your Christmas leftovers. Its amazing what you find stuck in the ice to the side of your freezer.  Can’t work out what the mysterious meat is in the freezer bag?  Throw it out, and try a better system.  Either write on the bags before popping them in the freezer, or use some cheap containers and label them at the front to keep the food organised (my labels are printed on plain paper, then covered with sticky tape – super cheap!).  Make sure to put any new food toward the back of the container, and use up what’s in there first.


Freezer -Before photo


Freezer Organised


With the kitchen now organised and looking great, time to get baking again, but if you need a little help with measurement conversations then we have you covered. Download out cute printable you can put up on the wall or pantry door and never stress about trying to find the measurement conversation again.


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