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How to Upgrade a Christmas Tree Stand

I have a robot vacuum cleaner that I love.  It’s a great, modern convenience that makes our life that little bit easier.  With working full time, long hours spent commuting, plus the farm and animals to look after, having the floors cleaned while we’re at work (sucking up all that dog hair, dirt and bug carcases) means there’s one less chore to squeeze into our schedule.

However, the moment I put my Christmas tree up, the vacuum cleaner just attacks it. The vac then either gets stuck between the legs on the stand, or else butts into it causing the tree to shake and move around and decorations to fall off.  Only a little frustrating when you come home expecting the floor to be clean only to see that the vacuum cleaner has been stuck all day at the bottom of the tree and the place is littered with decorations.

I’m not blaming my fabulous robot vac (I will love you forever regardless), but I had to come up with a solution so it could move around the tree without these issues.

So, I decided to replace the Christmas tree stand.  Let’s face it, the stands are pretty ugly anyway.  I wanted something with clean lines so the robot vac could move easily around it without becoming stuck, and something that fitted in with my Christmas theme.  It also had to be big enough for the tree to sit into.

I headed into Bunnings and found a light grey, square shaped pot with a wood-look veneer.  Perfect.

For the fit-out, I picked up a couple of bags of cement and scoured the farm for some PVC off cuts.  The pipe was wide enough for the tree to sit into it (I discarded the actual floor stand) and it sat just below the rim of the pot.  I placed the pipe in the centre of the pot and poured the concrete around the pipe to fix in place.  I used concrete for this project for a few reasons:

  • to ensure that the pot was stable enough to hold the tree with all the decorations
  • to withstand the head-butting of the vacuum cleaner; and
  • to survive the knocks the tree would inevitably get by huge dogs playing around it.

If you don’t want to use concrete, an easy option would be to find a pot or container that will fit the Christmas tree stand straight into it.  This will give you the stability you need without having to use concrete or the PVC pipe.  Another option would be to use sand or gravel, but keep in mind this may shift with the weight of the tree once decorated.

Upgrading (or hiding) the Christmas tree stand totally finishes off the look of the tree.  If you’ve never given the feet of your tree a second thought, why not upgrade your tree stand this year?  It doesn’t have to be expensive, you may already have something around the home or garden that you could use.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • a wicker basket
  • tin or enamel bucket
  • wooden crate
  • galvanised tub
  • hessian sack
  • a cardboard box wrapped in Christmas paper

Here’s my finished tree – love it!  Such an easy solution, and best of all, clean floors!

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