How to replace tapware to upgrade your look
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How to replace your tap ware

How to replace tapware to upgrade your look

Replacing your tapware is actually a really easy and simple process that anyone can do. There are only a few tips and important steps that you need to know.

But replacing your tapware not only helps with ongoing maintenance rusty broken taps, but can save you money with stopping leaking broken taps. It’s a really simple way to also give any wet area a new look without the extra expense.

We have broken it down into 5 simple to follow steps, seriously guys this is a easy DIY project. But make sure you do step one which is the most important step here.

upgrade your bathroom look with little effect

Step 1. Turn Off Your Water

First, you need to turn off the water supply for both hot and cold taps from the mains supply. Then, run the hot and cold taps in your house a short while to drain any excess water and ensure the mains is definitely switched off. Make sure all your taps remain ‘open’.

Step 2. Remove Your Old Tap

This may be done in two ways and it is going to depend on your taps and location, so are they wall mounted or bench top. Type of taps as well. So, we’ve covered both below for you.

Inexpensive tips to upgrading your tapware

Under basin mounted.

Get under your basin and unscrew the nut that locks the basin to your old tap. This can be awkward and fiddly, but once it is loose it should come off easier.

Once this is removed, lift the old tapware away from the basin and remove your old taps.

Tip – Spread an old towel across the floor or the bottom of your under-sink cabinet to catch any spills. Start unscrewing the nut that locks your basin to the old tap. If your existing tap was fitted using compression fittings, you might need two adjustable wrenches to undo the nuts. Once you have removed this, your old tap can now be pulled out.

Wall Mounted

Start by undoing the indicator cap at the top of the tap. Some taps will have an additional screw under the cap which you will need your screwdriver or allen key to undo. Once the cap is off, remove the handle and unscrew the cover plate.

Now you need to remove the old spindle,

Here’s a tip, have your tap in the open position as it will make it easier to remove the spindle.

If you need to replace your washers and its a good idea to make sure at this point if they need to be replace, then do so now. Then make sure you check out our post on replacing washers.

Step 3. Install Your New Tap

Basin Mounted installation

Connect the threaded post to your tap, then feed into the basin hole, so your tap sits on top of your basin, with the thread poking out below. Again, there may be a washer included or needed to make sure the tap sits snugly. Screw the nut tightly onto the threaded post, your tap is now gripped on to your basin.

Wall Mounted

Replace your new spindle in the reverse order to removing the old.

tips to replacing your tap ware

Step 4. Connect Your Plumbing

Screw the flexible connectors into your tap, then, connect them to the pipes, with a compression fitting in between – this keeps the pressure between the two pipes regulated and safe.

Your tap should now be gripped onto your basin, and the hot and cold pipes should feed directly from your wall to your new pipes. Do a last check to make sure that there are no loose or leaky connections.

Step 5. Switch Your Water Supply Back On

Turn your water mains back on. Any air that has backed up into the taps or pipes will be forced through, followed by the water.

NB: If your new tapware is set to ‘closed’ when the air rushes through, it could potentially damage the tap,

So, make sure all your taps are ‘open’ fully. Remember the other taps in your property may still be set to open, so remember to switch them off once water comes through again.

Upgrade your tapware inexpensively

And that it is, you have now just replaced you own tapware and faucet. Could not be any easier. I picked these up from my local hardware store for very little cost.

So give your wet area’s a new look on life with new tapware that we have your guest wandering how you did it.

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