Organisational Tips to that garage or Garden Shed
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How to Organise Your Shed

Organisational Tips to that garage or Garden Shed

The Shed is certainly the last place we think about and certainly not really a spot that we think about to organise. But your shed has so much potential and if your like me and want a potting station then there’s no place more fitting then your shed. I’m going to show you and give you some great tips on how to organise your shed and get the most out of the space.

I can certainly tell that I have thought on many occasions that I should build another shed to fit all in that we want. Now if we we’re going to stay here on the farm long term than it would be a smart move but we do plan to move to a bigger farm in the near future so really would be a waste of money and resources.

So, after some really long thinking and we’re talking about 12 years now I decided that the shed we have is big enough to accommodate all we want it to be.

I want to be able do maintenance on the cars, store the farm equipment, feed for the livestock, potting station and an area for all the garden equipment and a place for my partner to have all his tools and to be able to do wood working when I need something made for the house.

Now you may be thinking how can you get all that into a shed. Well for one the shed is 9 by 6, fairly large and most people would have one of similar size unless you live in an apartment or on a small block. But regardless of size the tips I am going to share with you will work for any space you have and are looking to get organised..

Shed Before Pictures

Step One

Work out what you what the space to be and what you want the space to accommodate.

Step Two

Work on one section of the space at a time. So, for me I started with the work bench and got that sorted and re-organised. Honestly it had become the dumping ground for everything. Then work on to the next area and so on.

Organising sections of your area

Step three

For each section take out everything in the area and work through it. Remember to throw out anything that you no longer need or does not work.

Then start by putting back everything you want into the area.

Step Four

Look at what containers or shelving system you need in the space to help you get organised and have things stored away.

For my shed I looked at the following to help me get organised, like:

  • wooden boxes to store hoses under the bench
  • bins to hold recycling bottles and cans until we take them to be recycled
  • we already have peg boards in the shed but just needed to add the hooks and containers to add to it

Now we have a great space that is and is organised into the different section to make it more enjoyable to be and work in.

I now have a great potting bench and area that is dedicated to my gardening, even a spot for me to grow mushrooms without having to keep moving them.

Organised Shed  - After Picture

Plus there is some much more free space, which is great for when we need to bring the car’s in to work on.

So with these great tips, let us know what space you going to get organised especially if its been a space that you have been avoiding because it was in the too hard basket. Wanting to start a little smaller with organising a cupboard then we have you covered there too, check our post on decluttering challenge here.




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