Fresh Homemade Pasta Recipe
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How to Make Homemade Pasta

Fresh Homemade Pasta Recipe

Making your own pasta is unbelievably easy and should be tried at least once by everyone.  I know packet pasta is really cheap to buy, but pasta you have made yourself and topped with something from the garden or the fridge, is so incredibly satisfying, thrifty and delicious!  It’s great to have as a “oh my goodness, we’re out of food” meal as you only need two kitchen staple ingredients.  Flour and eggs.

There are lots of rules out there which say you should knead the dough for a certain period of time, or rest the dough, or how to fold the dough when you’re running it through the pasta machine.  Yes, you can do this but I’m lazy and don’t bother.  So, if you’ve always wanted to try making pasta, give this super-easy, no-nonsense way a try.

You can use 000 flour, or baker’s flour, but your regular plain flour works as well and is always on hand.  As a general rule, for every person you use 100g flour and one egg.  But I find this a bit much for our family of 5, so I use around 300g flour and 3 eggs which gives us enough for two adults and three kids.  But you may need more or less depending on your family situation and appetite.  Experiment!

How to Make easy and simple homemade Pasta

In a bowl, add your flour and eggs and mix with a spoon or your hands until it comes together in a dough.  Knead for a few minutes until it becomes smooth.  Cut it into 4 pieces.  Ensure the dough is kept lightly floured to ensure it doesn’t stick.

Homemade Dough

If you have a pasta machine, then start on the widest setting and feed each piece of dough through the machine.  Turn the size dial over to the next smallest setting, and feed each piece of dough through again.  Continue doing this with each piece until you reach the desired thickness (usually the last or second to last number).  If the sheet becomes too long, cut it in half and continue feeding each piece through.

How to use a pasta machine to make Homemade Pasta

How to use a rolling machine

If you don’t have a pasta machine – no big deal.  Just use a rolling pin.  Roll each piece of dough until it’s quite thin.

You can then cut the pasta into your desired shape.  If you have a pasta machine, you can feed each sheet of pasta through the cutters.  If you don’t, just use a sharp knife to cut through each pasta sheet.  Pappardelle (aka fat fettucini) is perfect!

 homemade Pasta

Once it’s ready to cook, drop it into some rapidly boiling salted water and cook for around 2 minutes until al dente, then toss into your favourite sauce.

That’s all there is to it.  If you’ve always been put off trying your own homemade pasta, I really hope you give this super-simple method a try.  Enjoy!





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