How to DIY Finger Crochet Blanket
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How to Make A Yarn Blanket

How to DIY Finger Crochet Blanket


Sometimes when your looking to change up your décor whether it’s in the bedroom or lounge, there are times when you can’t find that special thing in the stores.

When this happens I look for ways to make it myself, so I get what i’m looking for and in most cases if you do your research you can get the items you need on special, nothing like saving money and getting something new just for you.

One of these items was a blanket that I want to have for my couch. I wanted it to be something I could curl up with on a cold night, but also look nice and in the right colours I wanted for my lounge.

So, I decided to make my own. I had been crocheting for a little bit, not that great I will admit. But trying regardless. But after seeing a few people on Pinterest do arm knitting. Though I might give this a go but with crocheting techniques.

It’s really simple actually and I do tend to find it so much easier and quicker to produce what I want with little time and effort. So this is definitely something to try if you suck a little at knitting or crocheting in general.


Okay, so to start with use any wool you like, I gave the t-shirt material repurposed a go. But it works for any wool. I ended up making a bath mat for my new bathroom cos the T-shirt yarn was perfect for this project. My blanket is still in the making, just not finished.

Simple Tips to Making a Yarn Blanket


Start with doing a slip knot over your finger instead of a needle.

How to make a yarn blanket - step 1

Then Pull the yarn through the slip knot, to make another loop. Keep going until you have the right length your looking for. Just remember to count how many loops this helps to maintain a straight edge.

Yarn Blanket step by step


Step 3 to making a crocheting blanket



Step 4 in crocheting a blanket

Then turn the length of yarn around and start the next row

Pull the yarn through the hole in the first row you did and then through the loop on your finger. This is the start of the second row.

Continue until you reach the end don’t forget to count to ensure that your doing the same number of loops.

Crochet row complete


Continue along this back and forward along the rows until you have the length you need for what every project your making.

Now your going to need to tie on more yarn along the way but it’s simple. Just tie them together with a simple knot. And keep going. Your’ll trim the excess off when your finished the project and tuck the ends in .

Check out the video below for help on the process from start to finish.

Crochet bathroom floor mat

Not only is this a great DIY craft job that you can really go nuts over, and trust me I have plans to make a blanket for every bed in my house to give it that personal and special touch. But these make great gifts too, if you wondering what to get family and friends this year for a birthday or Christmas then these make great gifts.

I made a alpaca wool pillow the other year for family and they loved it, so thinking that maybe a handmade blanket to go with it would work really well.


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