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How To Inexpensively Decorate Pots

How to Decorate Pots

I love natural, rustic décor at home.  It goes beautifully with the earthy goings on at the farm.  But when it comes to extending the theme outside onto the veranda, it’s a little hard to find suitable pots that work with this theme.  Pots, like home décor, follow trends that are a nuisance if you like old, rustic, unique or eclectic.

So, as I can never find a pot I like when I need it (and definitely never within budget), I decided to makeover the humble cheap, black pot.

These pots are great if you’re on a budget, and I have plenty of them lying around.  You can also pick them up from cheapy stores, Bunnings or online.  They come in a range of different sizes, and they’re lightweight so it makes them super easy to move around.

There are a few different ways you can pretty-up your pot to give it a natural look, and it will mostly depend on the type of materials you use.  I’ve opted for natural, uncoloured and unbleached materials, but they are available in different colours so you can choose any colour or style that would suit your theme.

Seagrass pot decorations ideas

Seagrass mats

For my first makeover pot, I used a seagrass mat.  It has a beautiful, textural look and is not only thrifty, but pretty hardy too and has so far stood up to 3 very active large dogs and Shawn the sheep who thinks he’s a dog.

Grab a couple of seagrass mats from your local hardware store and some thin rope.  I got these from Bunnings, the mats were super cheap at around $2 each.

Now, the next bit is incredibly difficult and requires a huge amount of precision, dexterity and skill……. You wrap the seagrass mat around your pot.

Yep, that’s it.  Depending on the size of your pot, you may need to use more than one mat, so you’ll need to join them with the thin rope.  Using the holes in the mat, weave the rope through the edges of both mats to tie them together.

How to Decorate pots with Seagrass Mats

When I was weaving the rope through the holes in the mat, I found it frayed a bit and was difficult to thread through.  A small amount of electrical tape around the top held it together and made it easier to thread through the holes.  When I finished, I tied a knot at the end and simply cut off the tape.  Too easy.

How to decorate pots with Seagrass Mats

I love the natural, rustic look of these pots, and they were incredibly quick to put together.  Annoyingly, Shawn also loves them and rubs himself against them to scratch himself, but on the plus side, he’s too busy scratching himself to nibble the plants.  Winning!

If the au natural theme isn’t to your taste, it’s easy to add a splash of colour with some spray paint.  You don’t have to use an expensive paint.  Em uses British Paints spray paint for her projects as it’s cheap at just over $8 a can, comes in a heap of fun colours and is suitable for outdoor use.  But any enamel paint suited for outdoor use would be fine.

To add your colour, simply spray paint your mats before you wrap your pots.  I’d recommend spraying your mat with a white primer first as the mat may absorb the paint.  This will allow the coloured paint to sit over the top and it’ll look brighter and more vibrant. Give your mats a few light coats until you’re happy with the colour, then let them dry before wrapping your pots.


This option is simpler but more time consuming.  Again, I’ve gone with a natural look, but you can pick up rope in any colour you like to suit your theme.  They’re also super cheap and can be picked up from either the hardware store or cheapy store.

This project requires a hot glue gun to keep the rope in place.  It does make it a lot easier as the glue dries within seconds, holding the rope steady as you work.  You can usually pick them up in your cheapy store, and Bunnings and Spotlight have them too – just a little pricier.  But if you don’t have one, any glue you have laying around will help.

Quick tip:

This makeover pot is so much easier to do this when the pot is empty.  I, unfortunately, had filled these pots prior to decorating – rookie mistake.  It wasn’t impossible, just a little more difficult.

Start by gluing the end of the rope to the side of the pot.  Then all you need to do is wrap the rope around the pot, keeping the rope close to itself.  Every so often, place a small amount of glue under the rope to ensure it stays in place.

When you get near the end, hold off gluing the last round of rope.  What you’ll want to do to finish it off, is tuck the end of the rope under this last round and snip off as close as you can to give is a neat finish.  You can then go around and place a few dots of glue to hold it in place.  As I had a rim on my pot, I tucked the end of the rope under the rim to hide it so the dogs and Shawn wouldn’t nibble on it.


These pots are great to repaint in any colour you want.  Again, I recommend spraying a primer first, or white spray paint as a base.  Depending on your choice of colour for the top coat, you may need a few light sprays of base coat to ensure an even coverage of your favourite colour.

I love painting as you can be really creative.  You can create patterns or abstract shapes by using strips of painting tape around your pot to define the different areas.  Then paint in any contrasting or complimentary colour you like.  It’s also a fantastic crafting activity for the kids to do and makes a great gift potted up with the recipient’s favourite plant.  A perfect homemade gift.

Sometimes you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a huge different in your garden.  I love these thrifty, natural-looking pots and they were lots of fun to make too.  They’re a perfect addition to the veranda while we’re enjoying our beautiful summer evenings outside.


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