Growing Mushrooms



I don’t know why but growing mushrooms has always been something I thought I couldn’t do.  I had it in my head that it’d be too hard, the climate would be too difficult to maintain and I’d never be able to find the right spot to grow them.  I thought they would just be way too hard to grow.  How wrong I was!


I have never been so happy to be wrong.  At the end of last year, I just did it.  I stopped procrastinating, picked up a kit from Bunnings and started growing mushrooms.  The box I picked up was a kit and came with everything I needed.  Super simple.



All I had to do was empty the 2 bags inside the kit on top of the soil already in the box.  No need for any other containers, you grow it in the box it comes in.  Then I added a little water to moisten the soil and that was it, it couldn’t have been easier!


For a place to store the box, I put mine in our shed.  You do need to keep the box in an area where it doesn’t get direct sunlight and isn’t too hot, or too cold in winter.  At the moment the temperature in our shed is perfect so we’re growing them there at the moment.  But I will keep an eye on the temperature when the weather starts to change as it may be too cold come winter time, so may need to change the location.


Within a few weeks we had mushrooms growing.  Yum!



The best thing about this mushroom kit is that it continues to grow mushrooms for up to 3 months while you harvest.  So for an initial cost of $24 it works out to be a really cost-effective way to grow mushrooms.  I now have fresh mushrooms ready to harvest at home whenever we want them.


So if you love mushrooms as much as I do, then I can highly recommend this kit for anyone that wants to grow their own.  It was an incredibly easy process, and a great project you can do with the kids too.


Don’t forget to keep coming back as we share with you tasty recipes to do with your mushrooms……  I’m thinking… mushroom pâté!






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