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Tips to living a Simple Self-sufficient life

As I have mentioned a couple of times, I (Bel) live on a small farm.  This is my piece of paradise, the reason I work full time and travel 3 hours a day.  I love nothing more than driving through my gates at the end of the day, hopping out of the car and hearing – nothing!  We have a few different types of animals here, so I thought I would introduce you to our fury tenants.  I will also keep you posted with some changes that are going to happen shortly here on the farm.

At the moment we run sheep (Damara’s), we have around 13 at the moment.  I love these sheep as it can be pot luck with the colours when the babies are born.


Baby Lambs on the farm


And yes they have tails.  It is so cute to see the baby lambs running around playing.

This is Kevin the ram.  Look at those beautiful horns.


Damara Sheep


We also run a couple of chickens and geese.  The geese are new additions to the farm and they are such characters.  We did have an issue with one goose being continuously picked on, so we had to separate it from the others.  “Bob” now lives happily with the chickens.


Chickens on the farm


You know they’re happy when within a few weeks of arriving at the farm they started to nest.  Let me introduce you to our 3 gorgeous baby ganders.


Farm Animals - Geese


I look forward to being able to introduce some new additions shortly … hint named “Wally”……

Keep coming back as I share with you changes and introduce new fury tenants as we grow the farm.







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  1. Who is Wally? Will I get to pat him?

  2. Who is Wally? Will I get to pat him?

    1. Homebasics101 says:

      Thanks for visiting homebasics101. Wally will be introduce shorty, keep coming back to meet him.
      But yes you will be able pat him.
      Thank you again, let us know if you have any questions we’re happy to help.
      Bel & Em

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