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Keeping Focus – Setting Life Goals!

Goal Setting tips


Setting yourself goals to achieve is important as it will give you direction and will help to keep you focussed on what you’d like to achieve in your life.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the “every day” and lose sight of what you want to achieve.  If you lose direction, then it’s easy to feel disheartened and discouraged.  You hit that wall where you think “why bother?”.

But it’s important to realise that there is a process to follow when setting goals and it’s important to not only set big goals in life, but to also set little ones to achieve throughout the year.

Big goals

Big goals are your big-ticket items.  Things that can’t be achieved in a month or maybe even a year, like buying a house or retiring at 50.

These goals are going to take a lot of work and cannot be achieved on a whim – they will take time.  It’s important to have this big life goals because these give you direction and allow you to focus on what you want your future to be.

Sit down somewhere quiet and think about what you want to achieve in your life and give yourself some timelines. Now, a few things on setting timelines:

  1. Don’t get too hung-up on a date not been achieved.  Make sure that your timelines are flexible because life will throw challenges at you unexpectedly and you need to be able to adapt.
  2. Be realistic in your timelines for your goals. If your goal is to purchase a house, think about the deposit you’ll need and be realistic about how much you can save.  Allow a little flexibility and give yourself some grace for life’s little hits.

If you have a partner, don’t forget to consider what he or she wants.  However, don’t forget that this is your life, so make sure that you also remain true to yourself!

Goals in Life

Achieving your goals

So, how do you go about actually achieving these big goals?  By setting yourself a series of small goals.  This series of smaller goals over a period of time will add up to you being able to achieve something pretty amazing.

I like to set smaller yearly goals to achieve that help me move closer to achieving my big goals.

To do this look I look at my big goal and work out what I need do this year that will help me move closer to achieving this in the time I have allocated.

Again, don’t get too hung-up on the timeline.  It’s more important that you achieve the goal and move that one step closer to the big goal.

So, now that you have set your big goals and broken them down in to bite size chunks, you can clearly see how you’re going to achieve those big life goals.

Important tip

Try not to give yourself too many big goals to achieve at once.  You’re only one person and giving yourself 50 big goals is not likely to be achievable.  Be realistic and focus on what you really want your life to be.

For me, I have 5 big goals that I am working towards achieving and I can tell you, I’m on track to achieve all of them too.  So can you. It’s never too late to start setting goals.

To help keep me focused and on track, I like to have my big goals written down somewhere I can see every day. It’s a great, handy reminder for when life throws in those challenges.

Small goals

Small goals are definitely not less important than the big goals.  Setting smaller goals throughout the year to be achieved in a shorter timeframe will help you keep focused on the here and now while the bigger goals simmer in the background.  Smaller goals can be the bite-size pieces of your big goal, but they also be something totally different like painting the house, losing 5kg, putting in new  carpet or growing some vegetables.

I like to set myself a few small goals every month.  These are usually a fitness goal and a few small goals that I want to achieve in the business.

Small goals allow you to focus and organise yourself in order to achieve them, and are quick way to show you that you can achieve what you want in life with a little focus and planning.

Goals and Dreams

Staying focussed

Staying focussed can be challenging, especially when things go awry or you get pulled in other directions.  It’s important to keep checking back on your goals and look at where you are in achieving them to ensure you remain on track.

Now is the time to revisit your big and small goals.  See if they’re still the focus of where you want your life to lead.  Set aside a few minutes every 3-6 months to look at and review your goals, timelines and what action you need to take (or change) to achieve the goals you have set.

Handy tips when setting goals:

  • write down your goals and put them where you can see them every day
  • make your goals a positive statement
  • be precise; what is it that you really want?
  • keep smaller goals small, and set appropriate time frames for achieving them
  • be realistic in what you really want your life to look like
  • set your goals, not the goals of someone else

Check out our other post called Fundamentals – Pushing the Reset Button.  It contains a heap of information help you get into the right mindset so you can really focus and achieve those goals.


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