Simplify Gardening with a little garden tool care and maintenance

Garden Tool Care

Simplify Gardening with a little garden tool care and maintenance

Taking care of your garden tools is an important process to undertake to make gardening simple and enjoyable. This includes your lawn mower and whipper snipper too.

Having your garden tools maintained and in good working order will mean garden chores are done quickly and you can get back to enjoy your garden more.

I know that knowing what is required for most tools can be difficult to know what you should be doing. Cos the last thing we want is to be in the middle of mowing the lawn to have it stop working and not be able to finish it, and then spend the rest of the weekend running around trying to get it fixed.

But we have you covered and with a few simple and quick tips to ensuring your garden tools are always working in top order for you.

Lawn Mower Care

Depending on the type of mower you have will depend on what maintenance you will need to do, like is it a 2-stroke motor or a 4-stroke motor.

But to be completely honest with you there really should not be a lot you need to do to your mower in the first place apart from ensuring that you have put in the right fuel and keeping it clean.

Having a clean mower will mean that it stays in good condition for you longer. So, make sure that you take a few minutes after use and give it a quick brush down with a small dust pan brush. Just make sure that the motor has cooled before cleaning. Don’t forget to clean the catcher too.

To clean underneath, it’s not a good idea to tip your lawn mower upside down, so just lean it back so you can clean and check underneath. Use the brushes to remove the grass. It’s especially important to do this if you have a steel mower because a build-up of grass can cause rust. Inspect the blades to make sure they’re not too badly damaged. If they are, you will need to replace them. Sharp blades cut grass well and keep it healthy. Wear the safety gloves when working around the blades. But I would take it someone to replace the blades for you to ensure that they are fitted correctly.

That’s all that’s needed to maintain your mower, but there are a few jobs to do at least once a year to make sure that your mower Is working in top condition.

Mower care tips

Apply some lubricant, spray WD40 onto the wheels, the throttle cable and the height adjuster. Use the rag to wipe away any excess WD40. This ensures that nothing will cease up. But you only need to do this once a year, not every time you use your mower.

If you have a four-stroke mower, it’s worth checking the spark plug. If you have a two-stroke and you notice your mower being a sluggish then you may need to replace it can give your mower a new lease of life.

To remove a spark plug, use a socket set. In most cases you will not need to so anything. It may just need a quick clean with the wire brush.

When replacing the spark plug, screw it in with your fingers as far as you can, so that you don’t cross-thread it. Then tighten it with the socket. Be careful not to over tighten it.

If you have a four-stroke mower, check the oil. You can do this by removing the cap and checking the oil level on the dipstick. But you really should have to top it up unless the mower is really old. But in the case, you do, where the oil level is low, top it up. Just like your car make sure you use the right oil.

Whipper Snipper

Just like your mower it really does not need much attention or maintenance other than just keeping it clean in between use.

It is also a good idea to use up all the petrol in your whipper sniper as to not allow to much to sit and go stale in between use.

Tips to save you time and money in the garden with lawn mower

Other Garden Tools

Other Garden tools like your shovel and fork also need a little maintenance every now and then and the best way to keep these in top working order is to keep then clean in between use. A quick brush to remove any dirt and materials and also storing your garden tools in a water tight shed will help to keep them in top working order for you.

Hedge trimmers or pruning snipes will

Looking After your Tools - like the lawn mower

Keeping your tools clean and stored well in between use will also help to reduce the spread of diseases among your plants or spreading of weed seeds around your garden.

Great tip is to use hot soapy water to clean your tools, but you will need to make sure that they are dried well to ensure that no rust forms. Keeping them well oiled like your shears will help to prevent rust developing.

Now that we have the tool care down, let’s talk about how to store them correctly and have a great organised shed to show off all, check out our post on organising your shed to help keep your garden tools in top shape.

Happy Gardening!

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