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Five Inexpensive Kid Christmas Craft Ideas

Kid Craft Ideas

Christmas is only weeks away and the kids will be on school holidays before we know it.  If you’re looking for something to keep the little ones occupied, then a festive crafty afternoon might just be the thing you need.  Stock up on a few different craft ideas and you’ll be able to keep them occupied for hours, giving you some much needed time to get yourself and your house organise for the busy season ahead.

This year we’ve selected 5 different Christmassy crafts that we’ve used at home ourselves.

Gift Wrap

This craft can be adapted to suit any kind of gift whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday or anniversary.  All your kids will need is some blank paper and textas or paint.

Get them to sit down for a few hours and use their imagination to create a beautiful work of art on the paper that can then be used to wrap a special gift.  It’s an easy craft for kids of all ages to try, even the older ones.  If your kid thinks they’re too old for this craft, get them to google “DIY wrapping paper” first.  There are dozens of amazing ideas that they might like to try from simple white dots to represent snow, to a string of Christmas lights and even a reindeer made from a thumb print.  And if all else fails, a little help in the form of chocolate or pizza might just do the trick.

Lengths of brown kraft paper can be purchased inexpensively from stores like Officeworks.  A 30cm wide roll, 50 meters long will set you back less than $10, giving you plenty of paper to keep the kids busy for the weeks leading up to Christmas.

For a meaningful gift for a grandparent, aunt or uncle, simply place a section of creative artwork in a nice photo frame for a beautiful gift that they’ll treasure for years.  If time doesn’t permit a new creative masterpiece, then pick the best from amongst their years’ worth of creativity.

5 Kids Craft Ideas - Gift Paper


Popcorn Chain

I loved doing this craft as a kid.  It’s a great activity to do while you’re watching a movie – just try and not eat all the popcorn before you get a chance to thread it, otherwise you’ll end up with a very short popcorn chain.

This craft activity is best suited to older children as it does require you to use a needle and thread.  It is a really thrifty craft activity that will only cost you the price of the popcorn, and will look beautiful strung up on the tree or draped over the mantle.  Best of all, it’s really hardy and will last a few months so is perfect to start now.

Popcorn Garland

Paper Garland

This is the epitome of children’s Christmas crafts and has been used for over a century.  It’s a great way to use up old newspapers, or else you can purchase coloured paper in your Christmas colours.

Cut your paper into strips and secure your first piece into a circle using either sticky tape, glue or a stapler.  Then grab a second strip, loop it in the first circle to make a chain and secure closed.  Continue doing this with each strip of paper to make a chain.

This is a great craft in which you can use your excess kids’ drawings, or use up any leftover hand-painted gift wrap.  Either option will look great, and the kids will love being able to see their handy work around the house.

Paper Garland

Pine Cones

Another Christmas classic is the humble pine cone.  Totally overlooked throughout the year, but come Christmas time it comes into its own.  It’s a great way to get the kids outdoors, hunting around the neighbourhood for pine trees and the perfect fallen pinecone.  Just make sure you ask permission if you’re taking from someone’s property.

Gather a selection of different craft supplies like paints, glitter, glue and other bits that the kids can stick on like wobbly eyes, and let the kids go nuts!  Handy tip: a great look is spraying your pinecone with spray-on glue (found in Spotlight or most cheapy shops) and then sprinkling glitter over the pinecone.

The best-looking pinecones can then be used as the table centrepiece, or else used as decoration around the house.  This craft can get a tad messy so if you’re wanting to keep your house clean, then maybe set them up outside so enjoy the sun while they get creative.

Pine Cone Decorations

Tree Decorations

This one is really easy and is great craft to make no matter the age of the kids.  You will need some wool and paddle pop sticks.  If you don’t have sticks leftover from your favourite ice-cream, then bags of paddle pop sticks can be purchased from the craft section in cheapy stores for just a few dollars, and the wool can be anything you have lying around.  It doesn’t need quality wool for this craft idea, so if you don’t have any at home, then just get the cheapest ones you can find in a few different colours.

Glue 2 sticks together in a cross pattern.  The easiest way to do this is with a hot glue gun as it sets quickly and firmly, but regular glue would work too.  Just make sure you let it dry first.

Paddle Pop Tree Decoration Items

Then just wind the wool around the sticks in an “over/under” pattern.  To make it a bit easier for little kids, cut the wool into manageable lengths.  They can then add different colours as they go.

Paddle Pop Decorations

And there you have it.  The kids just made beautiful, colourful tree decoration which would also look fantastic strung together to make a garland.

This craft would also look beautiful in white with beads or feathers threaded through the wool.  Let the kids use their creativity.

If you have another thrifty craft idea that your kids love to make and you’d like to share it, then please leave a comment below.  We’d love to hear from you.




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