Hang your Christmas Stockings in style with your own Stocking Post Holder
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DIY Christmas Stocking Holder

Hang your Christmas Stockings in style with your own Stocking Post Holder

I absolutely love this time of year and even though I’m not one for clutter, this is the one time of year that I don’t mind having a little extra around the home and garden.

Although I do only have a few very special pieces that I like to have around. I have been wanting to put up Christmas stockings for a while now but there was two things that were an issue

1 – particular stockings, not just any stockings but I have in mind is something unique. I still looking for the right ones.

2 – I needed something to hang them from.


Now I may not have the stockings as yet, but hopefully soon, might have to make them to get what I’m looking for. Keep an eye out on how we do this, might inspire you to make your own next year.

But the stocking holder I have the perfect idea, Now I do have a fire place but it’s a combustion heater, so not great to hang stockings from and no mantel either.

The holder is really easy to make and is a great addition to the Christmas decoration collection.

What your need (if you would like to have one too)

  • Walnut wood stain (well that’s the colour I use, but use any colour your like)
  • Hooks, I used 6
  • Square piece of wood, any length this will vary depending on the size you want it to be. Mine is 1 metre in length.
  • Decorative topper (optional)
  • Pot (size of your choosing)

Materials needed to make your own stocking holder

To assembly

  1. Cut the pieces of wood to the size you want (you can get the hardware store to do this for you),
  2. Paint or stain the piece of wood in the colour of your choosing. Allow to dry then apply a second coat if required. Depending on the colour you may need to apply a third or do a base coat first then apply your main colour. Cos I stained mine, only one coat was required as this gave me the colour I was after.

Stained Post Holder

3. Once dry, screw on the hooks to each side of the post. I decided to off set to give the post a little more interest. do this now as it much easier                     than after you have set the post in place.

4. Now I glued the post into my pot to help keep in place and not come out (I do have a 3 dogs and sheep (Shawn) inside things can get crazy so                   wanted to ensure that it was stable. I used liquid nails. You will need to allow this to dry for a couple of days to ensure that you have good                         adhesion.

Post with Hooks to Hold Stockings

5. If you have chosen to add a topper, then do this now. I decided at the end of the day to not put one up. I liked the way it looked with out it.                        But up to you and the look you’re going for.

6. I then filled the pot with small rocks I had laying around to help stabilise the pot and to ensure it could not be knocked over. Plus it makes it                     nice and easy to hold in place the decorations at the bottom of the post holder.

Completed Christmas Stocking Holder

And that’s it, pretty simple and you have a great piece to add to your Christmas collection.

Let’s know what your favourite Christmas decorations is, in the comments below, especially if it’s one you’ve made yourself.




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