Make Any Space Beautiful with a Simple Chandelier
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DIY Chandelier

Make Any Space Beautiful with a Simple Chandelier

When it comes to adding something special and with a little sparkle to a room there is nothing better than a chandelier.

The only problem with this is the cost. Especially if your looking for a piece that just looks good and does not need to function as a light.

My niece gave me an idea, when I was planning her 16th birthday, so I decided to see what I could come up with. I did end up purchasing an old chandelier that I used as decorations for her party, as I did not get all the materials to make one before the day. But I have plans to reuse this as a functioning light either for my walk-in closet or office space.

But back to the project, and it is so, simple. Just adjust the instructions to fit for what you want. I know I am not a person to follow instructions to the letter and always end up changing it as I go, so please do the same.

Materials your need:

  • Faux crystals (I purchased these online through Wish, I could not find these in any store in Australia)
  • Roll of faux crystal beads (I purchased these online through Wish)
  • 3 round metal hoops. Of different sizing. (Sizing of your choosing) Now for this you can use old clothes hangers, tomato stands (just cut the rings off) or in the hobby shop or Spotlight they have rings in different sizes. This is completely up to you and your budget.
  • Plyers
  • Hot glue gun (optional)
  • Thin wire like fishing line (to tie the beads on to the hoops)

Easy and Simple Decorating Projects - Chandelier

Step one

Take all 3 hoops and tie fishing line from one side to the other to form a cross in the middle of the hoop. This helps to centre and a place to tie the dandling crystals in the middle.


Simple Project - Placing Wire around hoops

Step Two

Tie with the fishing line all 3 hoops together allowing a gap in between. I left 12cm, but this is up to you. Make sure that the larger hoop is at the top so it looks like the crystals are cascading.


Simple chandelier Project - Connecting Hoops

Step three

Start by cutting the beads into lengths for the different hoops. So you’ll want the ones that hang from the top hoop to be longer than the one at the bottom

Length I used for all hoops is around 20cm, but do this to what you want and look you are after.

Now start at the smaller hoop and tie and or hot glue the lengths of beads around the hoop. I left no gaps between my beads but again if you want that look then please change this spacing to you own liking.

Then once complete move onto the next hoop and keep going until all the hoops are completed. The bead lengths should over lap each other when hold up the top hoop.

Simple Chandelier Project - Attaching Beads

Tip: you can use your hot glue gun and place a small drop of glue on each bead length to help hold it in place.

Step four

Now to attach the faux crystals to the bottom small hoop. I hanged the chandelier up so I could get a good look at the whole picture and then positioned the crystals (this is where the cross over fishing line comes in handy) and attached the length of crystal.

Depending on the look you are going for the amount and length is up to you. I only attached the one crystal to the middle, but if you want more and you can certain change up the length to give it more dimension add a couple.

And there you go a beautiful DIY Chandelier that any little girl or teenage or lets face it adult female would love to have in their dressing, over their sink or working desk.

Simple but beautiful DIY Chandelier

As seen at the Mount Torrens Markets and will be on Display again at the Oakbank                                      Markets at the Story Book Stems Stall.


Let us know in the comments below how your chandelier turns out.

Check out the video on You Tube as well to help you make your own chandelier.

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