Reduce waste and single use plastics with great simple Bee's Wax Wraps
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DIY Bee’s Wax Wraps

Reduce waste and single use plastics with great simple Bee's Wax Wraps

Looking to save money on your grocery bill and or wanting to reduce wastage in your home then Bee’s wax wraps are perfect for this.

You can certainly purchase bee’s wax wraps, but honestly, they are really super simple to make yourself and the best part about doing it yourself is you can use up that left over material you have around your craft or sewing room.

Enjoy the process and make wraps to bright up your lunch for work or the kid lunches with individual wraps for everybody in the household, really is a lot of fun.

Okay so what do you need to make these beautiful individual wraps, well you only need a few items

  • Bee’s Wax block (you can purchase these kits over in the shop here)
  • Cheese grater
  • Fabric of you choose and size (have fun and make different size wraps to cover bowls or to wrap those sandwiches or how about small ones for avocado or that piece of tasty cheese.
  • Iron
  • 2 strips of baking paper
  • Portable clothes airier
  • Pegs
  • Old news paper or sheet to. cover the floor

So, for the fabric, you do need to ensure that it is light weight, light cotton or calico. If you use thicker fabric then it can be a little hard to make it wrap around certain foods, the lighter the fabric the more pliable it is to use.

Items Needed to Make your Own bee's Wax wraps

How to make those beautiful wraps:

Step One

This where your ironing board come in really handy or a heat resistant surface, but an ironing board is perfect for this. Just place an old towel over the top to help protect your cover.

Step Two

Place a sheet of baking paper over the towel, make sure it’s larger than the piece of fabric you are using.

Lay your fabric on top.

Step Three

Grate the bee’s wax block over the top of the fabric, evenly to ensure great coverage. Around .05cm gaps in between the wax pieces. Just remember you can add more as you go if needed.

Place over another sheet of baking paper to cover the fabric.

Wax Grated onto Fabric

Step Four

Turn your iron on to the hottest setting, but you don’t want steam.

Begin slowly with your iron in a circular motion from the centre our to the edges. Try and use even pressure to help the wax spread evenly.

You will be able to start to see through the paper any pool of wax or areas that have no wax.

To check, carefully lift the paper, a thin wax coating will appear wet, but have a slightly dull appearance, thicker sticker wraps will appear wet and slightly shiny. Add more wax to areas that look dry using the iron to squeeze the wax around until it is evenly coated.

Bee's Wax Melted on Fabric


Step five

Make sure that the entire fabric has been heated just before you remove it from the baking paper sheets. To remove the wrap quickly peel the top sheet away and then peel the fabric off the bottom sheet.

If you notice large areas of harden wax on the paper you need to replace the paper and apply heat again before removing otherwise the wrap will be lumpy

Hold the freshly waxed fabric for a few seconds to harden slightly. Then using a peg in a corner or simply laying it over the line hang it on you washing line making sure no parts of the wrap are overlapping.

Depending on the room temp will depend on the time the wrap takes to dry normally around 5-10 minutes to ready to use.

Beautiful Bee's Wax Completed

Now have fun with this, remember these are reusable and can be washed. Just make sure your kids remember to bring them home and not put them in the bin.

To wash them try to do this as soon as possible after use. Rinse under cold water or slightly warm water and wipe with a damp cloth. Make sure you avoid heat including hot water as this will deteriorate the wrap faster has it heats and melts the wax on the wrap.

Bee’s wax wraps can last for a year or longer with proper love and care. Once they start to look a little aged, freshening your wraps about once a month if you use them regularly.

You can re-wax them once this refreshing no longer seems to be effective. To keep your wrap fresh and good to use when you need it store flat to dry and store in a drawer or hang In a cupboard.

The Bee’s Wax DIY kit will make around 4 to 8 wraps but this will depend on the size of fabric you are using.


Bee's Wax DIY Kit




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