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Sometimes when we’re feeing overwhelmed in our lives it’s because there is clutter surrounding us.


It can be hard to separate to clutter in the mind with the clutter on the outside in our homes.

Clearing the clutter around us can help to calm and declutter the mind, no you don’t need to a Maria Kondo to have a decluttered home. It isn’t something that needs to take a lot of your time either.

The last thing you need and want to do is declutter and clean your home when your feeling overwhelmed with it all in the first place.

Take it one step at a time, like removing the paper from your dining table and filing it when you walk pass. Or maybe put the kitchen appliances not being used daily away in the cupboard, cleaning your benches of clutter.

Just a few acts like this will help you to visually feel calmer in your own space.

Kitchen Clutter

If you have trouble sleeping apart from a medical condition it could be because your bedroom is cluttered. Clear away that pile of clothes on the chair in the corner. Remove items from the dresser, its amazing how calmer and relaxed you can feel going to bed at night not having the clutter around you.

So, start small and you’ll find you inner Maria Kondo before you know it and honestly once you start on one thing it will come naturally to keep it going.

A few steps to keep things clear and easier for yourself are:

  • Wipe down the kitchen benches and clear away dishes leaving you kitchen clear and clean. Nothing beats waking up to a clean decluttered space even if its only the kitchen.
  • Pick-up and file the paperwork on the table or kitchen bench when you walk pass it
  • Pick-up that item that doesn’t belong in that space and put it away

You’ll be amazed at how little time this takes and how much better your mental state will be as well.

  • In the bathroom clear the clutter from the vanity with baskets and put them in the inside the vanity. Labelling them for easy of finding what’s inside.
  • Have kids that leave clothes on the floor, if you have the room in the bathroom put in a hamper to put all the clothes removing them from the floor with a quick pick-up. Clean floor

Decluttering Tips, Clean and tidy laundry

Laundry room, the most dreaded room for clutter, it certainly can seem impossible but it’s not. a little more time on this one and it’s all about keeping the clothes in a hamper for washing. Let’s be honest not having them on the floor makes such a difference.

To help stop it from being a dumping ground organise things with baskets, boxes or crates to keep items like shoes and dog leads and bowls.

Now let’s look at the kids rooms, sorry about this one, but especially for those with teenagers the only tip we have is to close and image the room does not exist.

Look it’s not about stopping you and the family from living but with a few tips followed above your well on your way to a clutter free home and a more calm and relaxed environment meaning a calmer mind as well.

I can tell you if you were to walk into my home first thing in the morning you would be thinking crap! what a mess this person lives in.

But although there would be hay all over the floor from Shawn’s breakfast, dog toys and beds scattered everywhere, as well as bits of rope and rubber from the toy destroyed the night before. My home is clutter free and the table is clear and clean. My kitchen is clean and dishes put away.

Which means a quick pick-up of the toys, beds outside and with my best friend the robot vacuum cleaner my home is clean and clutter free within minutes.

My home just like yours is lived in but is clutter free, there is a very big difference here, so please don’t get worked up with kids toys on the floor, that’s just living and enjoying life. You can pick-up the toys and store them in baskets once the kids have gone to bed.

Clear the mind by cleaning the clutter but don’t stop living…..



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