Simple Chicken Recipe the Whole Family will love
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Chicken Cordon Blue Recipe


Simple Chicken Recipe the Whole Family will love

Being so busy these days means we are all looking for the simple meals that we can make and cook in as little time as possible and have it on the table before the kids send us nuts.

But we also are looking for tasty and new meals to change it up and keep things interesting.

This recipe is not only quick to make and cook, but will certainly become a family favourite in no time at all. Honestly, I tend to shy away from recipes that look to complicated and would take way too long to make no matter how tasty it is.

Simple but tasty Recipe


We are after all, all about going simple and back to basics, not over complicating things. But I’m happy to report that I worked on this recipe to make it simple and quick to make and cook. It is my take on the classic chicken cordon blue but just as tasty.

Simply, use chicken breast for this recipe, cut through the middle but not all the way. Place cheese (any cheese will work, as long as it melts well) I love to use a really strong tasty cheese to cut through the chicken. I then put in the same size sliced ham, if you like too. I do forgo the ham if I don’t have any on hand. If we can avoid doing a extra trip to the shops then I am all for it.


Beautiful  Breast with cheese inside Recipe


hen wrap the chicken in a least 2 slices of middle bacon. Tuck the ends under the chicken breast to hold it in place during the cooking.

Chicken Wrapped in bacon

Bake for around 45 minutes in a 200 degree oven. Time will vary depending on the size of the chicken breast you are using.

To cut down the cooking time, if you have large breasts, cut them in half then prep them with the cheese and bacon.

Once cooked I like to top it with garlic sauce made from greek yoghurt and minced garlic. The best tasting sauce that really sets of the chicken.

Simple Chicken cordon blue recipe

If you wanting more tasty but simple and quick to make recipes for those mid week dinners then don’t forget to check out our other recipes here. Also we love to hear from you, and share with us your simple and tasty family recipes, leave comment below




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