Bare-rooted Plants

Winter has to be one of the best seasons to be in the garden,  planting this time of year is a great way to save money in the garden and the way to have lots of new plant is to plant bare-rooted plants.

They are cheaper to purchase then established plants. But there are a few small tricks you need to know to help you ensure you give them the best chance to thrive come spring.

Bare-rooted plants are plants that are in a dormant state and are best planted late Autumn/winter. Most common plants are roses and fruit tree’s.

So if your looking for a way to start that orchard and not cost the earth or wanting to have colour in the garden with some hardy no, well little fuss plants then bare-rooted is the way to go.

Simple tips to planting and growing bare-rooted plants

The one main thing to remember when planting bare-rooted plants is to ensure that when spring arrives the root system has the best opportunity to thrive and grow. So, how do you do this, well it’s all about preparing the soil to give the roots the right environmental to really establish well.

I have over the years perfected this method and as I have very sandy soil on the farm, its even more important that I give my soil in and round my bare-rooted plants the care and attention to ensure great growth come spring and for years to come.

Planting Tip One

Ensure that the hole you dig for you new plant is a least double the size then the plant it self and or the pot it has come in. This also goes for the depth as well, as you want to give the roots plenty of room to spread and grow and establish really well in good nutrient soil.

Planting Tip Two

Okay this is the special trick to make it work and its a mix of

  • mushroom compost
  • cow compost
  • good quality potting soil that also contains a slow release fertiliser and water saving crystals
  • dynamic lifter

Mix of compost to improve soil


The best way to ensure that you get a good mix is to mix it in a wheel barrow first, I use my garden trolley, but use what you have available, even a bucket will do. It’s all about ensure that there is a good mix of all of the list above for each plant.

Place a good shovel or two into the bottom of the hole and mix it in with the existing soil as well.

Planting Tip Three

Now place your plant into the hole gently don’t push it into the hole give the roots room to move and spread.

Fill the hole with the special mix above, don’t worry about the soil you have taken out spread that over the lawn as a top to especially in bare patches.

Place a thick layer of mulch over and give the new plant a good drink of water,

Rose bush planted

Okay please do not fertilise even with liquid fertiliser at this stage, remember the plant is dormant so will not take it up the mix of the compost mix will be enough to get everything growing  and establish strong roots when spring arrives.

Well there you have it the secret to planting bare-rooted plants and have them thriving with really strong healthy roots.

When spring arrives this is the time to give the bare-rooted plants a really good drink of Seasol and a top up of a good fertiliser and mulch.

A little preparation work at the start will give you thriving healthy plants and help you save money on the garden budget.

Simple planting tips to successful roses in Spring

Happy Planting…..

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