Simple and easy guide to making amazing cakes
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Amazing Birthday Cake Designs

Simple and easy guide to making amazing cakes

When if comes to designing or just trying to work out what you should make for a birthday cake, can be hard and frustrating. Especially if you look at all the amazing cake designs on Pinterest or google, it can really be intimating. But what if I told you that its actually easier then you think to make an amazing cake for that someone special.

First take a look at the person you are making the cake for and take inspiration from what they like and their personality.

Once you have an idea or concept in mind, now work out the most simplest way to make it work. It does not have to be a complicated process, simplify it down.

One of the best cakes I have made to date is the one I did from my sister, and I can tell you it was a really simple and easy cake to make. It also helps to leave your perfection at the door when you do it as well.

So, I made some basic cakes, cos this was a 3-tiered cake I made 3 different flavours Chocolate for the bottom, Red velvet for the middle and butter cake for the top.

I then cut the cakes in half and filled the centres with different flavour butter icing. Mixing it up to keep it fun.

Cake Designs Made Simple and Easy

Like butter cream with crushed Oreo’s for the top tier, Chocolate butter cream for the middle and strawberry butter cream for the bottom tier.


I made each tier a different size from large at the bottom to the smallest at the top, allowing room for the decorates. I then covered the sides with chocolate and candy boxes around each of the tires and topped it with a little black top hat and birthday sign.

cake Design Made super easy

Total simple but it looks absolutely amazing and such a show stopper on the birthday day. THINK Willy Wonker and you know what I was aiming for.


With a cake of this design due the amount of weight, I made sure the cakes were dense as a sponge would not be able to hold the weight.

Great tips to designs for your next birthday cake


Willy Wonka Birthday Cake

But if your looking for a great cake designs and want to cheat a little, then a sponge cake is perfect.

With this one all I did was purchase 3 sponge cakes from the supermarket, cut the tops to level off the cakes, fill in between the cakes with fresh whipped cream and fresh strawberries.

Top the cakes with more fresh cream, strawberries and chocolate flake, super simple, light and refreshing for birthdays or that special occasion in the hotter months.

Simple Sponge Designs

So, lets re-cap, keep it simple, don’t over complicate the process and think outside the box and you’ll be making amazing cake designs for family and friends for years to come. If your looking for more great ideas then check out the pirate cake or maybe the dark soul cake for the older kids.



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