We are Bel and Em, we live in South Australia and have been friends since school and although we live different lives, we share similar goals. We like to welcome you to Homebasics101 a modern take on traditions living.

When we first tried stepping out of the mainstream and simplifying, we found it difficult to find the information we were searching for.  We love a mixture of traditional living with modern conveniences and look to combine the two into something unique to us.

We will always be honest and truthful.  We’ll show you what we get up to around our homes, so you may find the odd children’s toy or dog lurking in the background of photos

Who are we….


I live on a small farm with my partner and  beautiful fur-babies.  I work full time and spend 2 hours a day commuting. I’m currently in the process of purchasing a larger farm to be able to run more livestock.

The blog is where they share stories and tips for a simplified country life, sharing, tips to upcycling and making your own furniture, looking after livestock and how to get a thriving garden with little to no fuss.

Most often describe as “real, genuine, authentic, and caring.” She is a farmer, content writer, entrepreneur and more.


Em, her hubby and their 3 kids have recently moved from the suburbs to the country and have just purchased a small acreage.  She works full time managing the home and is busy in the garden, planting vegetables and fruit trees and learning to be more sustainable whilst keeping things on budget.

She is a super woman to those that know her, being able to renovate 2 homes while pregnant and raising 3 small children, learn how to live sustainable in the suburbs before making the move to the country to up-scale the simple country live to a large property.

Why We Founder Homebasics101 – Simple Country Living

Everyday life is so busy for most people. The good news is at the moment, many of us have more time than ever to make the change we desire. Providing an opportunity to foster a new routine.

Growing your own food, now we’re not suggesting you start ploughing up your entire yard, or getting a few pigs to go on your balcony, but plant a few herbs in a pot, or a couple of tomatoes and lettuces in the backyard. The taste of home-grown food is so much better than anything you can buy. Food always tastes best when it is fresh. Embrace that freshness eat seasonally from your own garden. Not only do they taste better, seasonal food is usually cheaper too.

Home grown food tastes good, making your own meals and snacks buying less pre prepared foods. Your tastes buds, wallet, and health will all thank you. Once you get into the way of it, cooking your own food becomes quick and easy. You don’t need to be roasting a leg of lamb or slow braising your shanks every night. Stir fries, chops and vegetables, soups etc. are all quick to make.

“Your dream may not be to live on a farm, but whatever is inspiring you to slow down take a good look at your life and try to apply some of these basic living simple principles.”

And this is the reason behind our website, we want to provide a simple non-complicated way to start living a simple country life no matter your address. You don’t need to live on a farm to start with the basics to less stress in your life, to start enjoying food you’ve grown in your own backyard. These are simple steps you can take to a simplified life.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly emails – ‘Home Guide’ – where we will on the first day of every month send you an email outlining a variety of different tasks that can be done around your home and garden.  Tips on what seeds to sow and when to fertilise your garden, to filing your bills, cleaning your gutters and checking your car tyres.

Happy reading!

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