Veggie Patch Update

A Perfectly Imperfect Harvest

Veggie Patch Update

Our family has been in our new home for a year now.  Between work and children, home life and gardening, it can sometimes feel as though the progress is slow.  Painfully slow sometimes.  But these holidays I’ve taken the time to stop.  Really pause, and look at what we’ve managed to accomplish in 12 months.

Flower Harvest

I touched-up the paint on the pergola after Christmas and hubby and I are in the process of adding shade cloth.  This new space will provide us with a wonderful area to spend summer outdoors in.

We’ve planted over a dozen fruit trees, the beginnings of our orchard.  We also have two new grape vines ready to go into the garden, doubling our current number.

We’ve overhauled the vegetable garden and have put in new garden beds.  Garlic harvest in November, we’re gathering a small bowl of strawberries a day and the cucumbers are just starting to fruit.  The blackberries I dug up out the ground and transferred into the patch are starting to ripen.  We have pumpkins rambling out the beds and are almost as big as our hand.

Harvesting Garlic from the patch

Half of the irrigation is installed in the patch, and we still have to put down gravel along the paths, but otherwise we’re about 75% finished.

Veggie Patch Progress

There is always a list of things that need doing.  Every time you cross something off, two more items get added.  But it’s important to stop and look at how far you’ve come.  The other week I picked up my trug and wandered around the garden.  I harvested strawberries, a few perfectly imperfect cucumbers and collected the eggs.  This simple act of walking through the garden, picking and gathering was so immensely pleasurable, it brought back to me how important it is to stop and enjoy the moment.

Summer Harvest from our Patch

With the school holidays finishing in just over a week, take these last days to stop and really enjoy the small moments.  Spend some time with the kids outside, smell the roses and pick some fruit.  Sometimes it’s the little things that can give you the most pleasure.

If your looking for tips to setting up your own veggie patch then check out our other posts on Installing a Water System and The Lazy Way to Composting that well give your patch the best possible chance on being productive and having great harvest each season.




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