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5 Inexpensive Ideas to Gift Wrapping Paper

Tips to living a Simple Self-sufficient life

Gift wrapping paper is one of those items that we all purchase, and around Christmas time, in bulk!  The cost can quickly add up, especially if you have a lot to buy for or like to coordinate your wrapping paper so it looks beautiful under the tree.

It seems such a waste when it all ends up in the recycling bin anyway.  So, in my quest to live with a lighter footprint, I’ve found 5 fantastic ways you can wrap your special gift that will look beautiful, creates less waste and can also save you money.

 1. Brown Paper

I love this option as you can purchase a huge roll that will do you for years for very little money.

It gives that natural look to any gift and can be dressed up with a bright colour ribbon, or teemed with jute or string for a natural organic look.  It looks beautiful no matter what event or gift you are giving.  As a bonus to those like me with a little OCD, it’s cohesive.

Brown paper can be found in cheapy stores, Officeworks and even in some supermarkets in the stationery aisle.  It’s super cheap, around $5.00 for 12 meters or so.  Ribbon in varying colours, sizes and lengths are reasonably inexpensive in the cheapy stores too, with pricing starting from a dollar or two.  The ribbon can also be kept and reused by the recipient, repurposing again and again.

5 Trick Tips to Brown Paper Gift Wrap - Inexpensive Gift Wrapping

Brown Paper as gift wrap

2. Scrap Material

Yep, you heard me.  Scrap.

Most of us have scrap material lying around, whether in your craft or sewing cupboard, hallway or linen cupboard.  It can be as simple as a shirt or pretty tea towel that you don’t use.

If you have a large piece of material, you will need to cut it to size.  You don’t even need to worry about hemming.  Just wrap your gift and tie it with some string or ribbon.

It’s a great way to use up pieces of unused materials that you have stuffed away in a cupboard.  It’ll be utterly unique, and the recipient can then repurpose the material into something else, like Christmas baubles.  It is a fantastic, unique, no-cost option.

Scrap Material -5 Trick Tips to Inexpensive Gift Wrapping

Scrap Material Wrapping

3. Painted paper

I love receiving this one from my nieces and nephews.  Get your kids to draw or paint on large pieces of paper (brown paper is perfect), then wrap your gift in their creation.  The wrapping brings something special and meaningful over and above the gift inside.

The great thing about this it is only going to cost you the price of the paper.  You can also use any drawings or paintings they’ve done throughout the year.  Your gift will look amazing wrapped in their beautiful artwork.

5 Kids Craft Ideas - Gift Paper

4. Clothes

If you’re gifting clothes, then ditch the paper altogether.  Fold the clothing in a tidy bundle and secure with ribbon or string.  If you have more than one item, then tuck the other item inside the outfit and fold neatly around it, securing it inside. If you looking for great ideas that are unique then check out our store here, we have some great gift ideas to fill the stockings and use for wrapping other gifts.

Clothing as Wrapping Paper

Clothing Wrapping Paper - 2 in 1 Gift

5. Recyclable bags

With a large number of people now making the move away from plastic bags, many stores are now opting to use recyclable bags.  These are usually made of sturdy paper, some with great looking designs, and a few are even made of lightweight material.  Usually offered for free to customers making purchases, a few stores may charge a few cents to cover their cost.

Giving your gift in a recyclable bag from the store you just purchased it from, is a super thrifty option which won’t create waste.  Save any beautiful recyclable bags you obtain throughout the year and put them away for birthdays and Christmas.

Cloth Bag as Wrapping

Cloth Bag as wrapping paper


We hope these 5 options for inexpensive gift wrapping ideas gives you some inspiration to reduce waste this year.  Look at different things around your home that you can re-purpose and get creative.  The best part about these ideas is that they can be used for any occasion, not just at Christmas time.

Do you have a thrifty way to wrap gifts differently?  If you like to share your tips, please leave a comment below.  We’d love to hear from you.




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